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Different industries pose sophisticated requirements for products quality and force high-level organised production.
Our company’s development, diversity of products and the increasing complexity of orders placed before the company a new organizational tasks. In 2015 we introduced an ERP system for production management which allows execution of job orders on minimal risk of non-conformities.
The benefits from the implementation of the ERP system applies to both our company and our customers:
– shortened production cycle
– reduced consumption of materials, optimal inventory level
– full backward traceability of waste materials
– control of production pace and timing
– full repeatability of products’ quality
High quality and high level of production organization is confirmed by the results of the annual external audits carried out for the different areas of technical certifications:
– ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
– DIN EN 1090 – supporting structures
– DIN EN ISO 3834-2 – steel structures
– DIN EN 15085-2 – welding of rail vehicles and their components
We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our product offer.
We will be glad to also answer queries on special, mentioned devices.

Tanks, silos


tanks, silos, deep silos

tanks for food liquids

aggessive, hazardous media

pressure tanks



screw, worm conveyors

band, bucket conveyors

elevators, Redler elevators




framed skids


CIP, SIP systems

portable drainage tubs



CNC, conventional machining

turning, cutting

bending: sheets, pipes, profiles

llaser cutting, plasma cutting

Heat exchangers


tubular heat exchangers

shell-and-tube HE

plate heat exchangers

thermal installations

Industrial platforms


platforms, service ducts

safety barriers, railings

support structures

stairs, ladders, shrouds



food liquids: juice, milk, water

bulky media: powder, grain

design, 3D drawing

hygienic finish



TIG, MIG/MAG welding onsite

mechanical machining

Repairs and installations

industrial assembly